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Biwired Run Cable (Click for Large Image)
Biwired Run Cable

Biwired Run

Biwired Run

For speakers that have 2 sets

of binding posts that are connected by stamped metal jumpers.

Biwire eliminates the jumpers. This doubles the number of individual cables to 4 per speaker. Two terminations at the amp end, and 4 at the speaker end- one for each binding post. 8ft pair biwire pair with any combination of bananas/spades is currently priced at...

MSRP: $315.00 per 8 ft pair.

Termination: Amplifier End/ Speaker End

"For international orders or custom lengths,...please email your request before ordering."

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: (Does not apply to custom length cables)

Try my speaker cables for 30 days. If you do not find that they significantly improve your musical enjoyment, simply return for full refund!

Why Solid Core? It is my experience that solid core silver wire transfers the signal more naturally than multi-stranded silver wires. Consequently, Clear Day Solid Core Silver matches well with both solid-state, or tube equipment. Plus, I often get feedback saying my cables sound great immediately, requiring very little break-in. Which Solid Core Is Right for You? Standard length is 8 ft. All other sizes subject to additional charges. Due to the extreme volatility of the precious metals market, prices are subject to change.

Fellow Audiophiles,

Why should you consider Clear Day Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables? Extraordinary value! Clear Day Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables transmit detail, and texture, like on a clear day when, seemingly, you can see forever. I, too, am a passionate audiophile. After years of searching, I feel I’ve found the best sounding solid core silver wire to date. It combines the many virtues of silver with the warmth of oxygen-free copper.
When you buy my cables, you are not paying for expensive advertising, overhead, or two levels of markup-distributor and retailer. I do not use exotic jacketing or connectors that looks great, but often sonically degrade the sound! My success depends on word-of-mouth advertising. Despite my less than hi-end prices, you have my personal guarantee that my cables compete sonically with almost anything in the world.

Paul Laudati, President
P.S. I'd like to thank all of you for your patronage and referrals.