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Single Biwire Shotgun Double Shotgun

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hologram XLR
.999 Fine Silver Wire

What material is the wire made from in your cables?

24 GA solid core .999 soft annealed silver wire.

What type of spade terminals do you use?

My spades are made from silver plated copper that I then modify so as to reduce unnecessary mass and improve sonics.

What type of banana jacks do you use?

My bananas are made from silver plated copper/brass that I then modify so as to reduce unnecessary mass and improve sonics.

Most importantly, after completing my modifications, both my bananas and spades are sent out to have more four 9s silver applied to further increase conductivity.

What material is the insulator made from?

The jacket is made from PET.

How long is the break in period?

Typically, my cables take about 100 hours to completely relax. Many customers have found them pleasing right out of the box though.

I do put all the new cables on my Hagerman Cable Burner before shipping them to my customers as well.

What improvements are gained by moving up the line from Single all the way through Double Shotgun?

As we progress up the product line and the conductors increase, the sonics improve across the board in regard to dynamics, detail, and body.

What are the advantages of a silver cable?

Silver is the best metal conductor known to man. Therefore, the signal is transferred accurately across the spectrum imposing the least amount of colorations.

Does the cable work well with solid state electronics, tube electronics or both?

My cables work quite well with either solid state or tube equipment, but in the end, it's all so system dependent and subjective.