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We are located right here in sunny Tucson Arizona!

Why Clear Day Cables ?

There are many speaker cables on the market that use solid core silver wire, however, there is a huge sonic difference among them. Clear Day Cables are the equivalent of an open window into the music. No glass to gather dirt or dust. The music arrives on time, and with proper warmth. This is no small feat. Years of dedication and constant evaluation of conductor and dielectric material breakthroughs has culminated in the development of the most cost effective, high performance silver wire and speaker cables in the market today.

Instead of me bragging, you can click the link below and read some of the ... testimonials.

Price Vs. Performance

Bling has a high cost, but bling alone does not necessarily mean better cables. High Cost Cable Manufacturers justify their prices by extolling the virtues of exotic metallurgy, jacketing, and connectors. They wrap their speaker cables in expensive packaging, as though that makes them worth the high cost. So if it's Bling you want, look elsewhere, but if you want the best sound look no further!


Clear Day Cables follows the golden rule "keep it simple stupid". After years of testing, we found a metallurgist who could consistently produce the quality silver I wanted. We did the same with jacketing, and connectors. What we found was this: Exotic jacketing and connectors, often come at a price, and do more harm than good. In the end, high prices are seldom justified, at least when compared to Clear Day Cables. Most silver wire cables are made with too small a gauge, which tends to result in thin images and a hot top end. Think passive preamps versus an active tube preamp.

With my high performance speaker wire and high end speaker cable, there is none of the bright, edgy sound that is associated with many of the silver cables in the market today. Clear Day Cables offer a smooth, natural perspective of the music while still presenting all of the superior detail, imaging and frequency extension that silver is noted for. Clear Day Cables provide a full-bodied midrange, with low and high frequency extension that must be heard to be appreciated. My prices are low because I sell direct. Dealer markups and advertising costs would triple the MSRP of my cables.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are in the market for $1000+ cables, but wish to spend much less, you owe it to yourself to audition my cables side-by-side. Try my speaker cables for 30 days (you won't need that long), if you are not 100% convinced that Clear Day Cables have made your system sound better than ever, simply return them for a full refund.