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Single Biwire Shotgun Double Shotgun
Single Run Speaker Cable
We are located right here in sunny Tucson Arizona!



Thanks so much for the cables. I appreciate the great service - you kept me in the loop, letting me know when they were shipped and when to expect them.

Most of all, though, thanks for the excellent cables. I've tried many different cables over the years and I always come back to Clear Day double shotguns.

I've used them with SET amps, high powered solid state amps, integrateds, etc., and they always sound beautiful.

Thanks for everything and I'll be in touch the next time I need a set of speaker cables.

All the best, Scott 8/07/15"

Greetings Paul...... I figured it was beyond due time to give you an update about my use of your awesome Clear Day Double Shotgun cables with my Vincent tube amp and Golden Ear Triton Ones.

Wonderful doesn't even begin to describe how well these cables integrate with my system. Because of my current living situation, I am somewhat limited as to how long or often I can play my outfit, but suffice it to say these cables worked like a charm right out of the box.

I have even noticed a further lush sweetness and clarity of sound as they continue to burn in. The reviews of this product were obviously spot on, and the prices you ask for your product put them in the "Bargain of the Century" category, IMHO.

The best part of this whole experience is, by far, the care, consideration, genuine concern you have shown me during this entire process.

I am truly honored to have made your acquaintance, even if only online, because your authenticity is a refreshing change....In short, you are a wonderful person.

will heartily recommend your products to anyone who may be in need of them for their systems, regardless of how they are set up. May God truly bless and keep you, and I wish you the greatest success in all your business endeavors! One very satisfied customer!

William T. Smith 5/31/15

I recently purchased my dream system from scratch. I've been saving up and studying since 1986 for this purchase, so I wanted it to be just right. I mostly listen to lossless digital audio ripped from CDs, but have recently been experimenting with 96/24 digital sound as well. My equipment includes a Bryston BDA-1 D/A converter, McIntosh C220 preamp, 2x McIntosh MC2102 amps (used in parallel mono mode), and B&W 803D speakers.

The dealer sold me Tributaries XLR interconnects and speaker wire (unterminated), both silver based. Since I'm 100% digital, I can use all the sweetness I can get, and I just don't have the patience or space for vinyl.

I live above my company's headquarters, and I have several employees that have participated in my system selection, setup, and tweaking. It helps to have second opinions. Also, my wife and son use the system daily for music, television, and video game use.

Since I purchased the system, I've made many tweaks, including a lot of room work, speaker placement, and completely replacing the tubes in the McIntosh equipment with a tube set recommend by and purchased from Jim McShane, who had been recommended to me on internet audio sites.

The system has steadily progressed with each tweak and upgrade, as verified by my tastes, my family, and my employees. I even went out on a limb and purchased a Shunyata power distribution unit and replacement power cords on the recommendation of internet reviews and recommendations, and was quite pleased with that upgrade.

My most recent tweak, however, was really the most impressive. Again on Internet recommendation I requested a demo pair of Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cables. I was immediately impressed! I made the replacement when my wife was out of the house, and when she came in later she said "The music sounds bigger than before" which articulates the improvement very well. The sense of space and detail was greatly improved, as if the fog had cleared!

Needless to say, I ordered a pair of my own. In fact, I was so happy I ordered two pair for bi-wiring. All communications and interaction with Paul at Clear Day has been simple, easy and stress free. He even allowed me to keep the demo pair until my cables came in, which saved me a few days of listening to the original speaker wires. :-)

I've now budgeted for two pair of Paul's Hologram XLR interconnects to replace the original Tributary units. Paul, unfortunately, doesn't have demos of these available, but now that I've worked with him this is really not a concern for me. Paul makes great cables that make my system sound better. Who needs a demo once you know that?

Tom Mornini San Francisco, CA

Hi Paul,
1)Just a post to thank you again for the usually outstanding customer service as well as the great cables. I have not experienced your kind of giving, patient and customized service levels almost ever. Allowing me to trial two different pairs plus the single without even a deposit really allowed me to hear your cables vs others (and between the two different Clear Day pairs) and convince myself to go ahead with the custom length order. Every piece of advise you offered along the way turned out to be accurate. I appreciated that you tried to understand my rig & speakers and which of your cables work best. They are currently in the rig settling in but already sound great.

For others reading this, I found Paul's cables to a great match for my system running between a Parasound Halo and PSB Stratus Goldi and center channel speakers, which are not overly analytic sounding. The Clear Day double shotguns bring out a lot more detail across the music spectrum. The most impressive thing to me is how well I can hear the different timbers of different instruments across the sound stage and with some depth. These are just more noticeable than my prior cables making it more enjoyable if you really want to listen. I do hear good/faster pace and musicality and found myself smiling more when I had the Clear Days on vs my prior copper hose type cables. They are a very good improvement to my system and get extended life out of my speakers

Paul is a first class guy and makes these cables by hand - yes a hand made product that sounds fantastic, is of a simply and high quality build and offers very good value. The cables are also very easy to deal with and position.

Paul - Again my thanks and feel free to send anyone my way to discuss your cables and excellent service.

Bob Orr 6/15

2) Hi Paul,
Please add this to your testimonial page: As a former High-End Audio Dealer I had the opportunity to listen to a great deal of well known and obscure cables in many systems and applications.

With my current system I was looking for a suitable speaker cable without spending a bloody fortune and I auditioned many very well known brands.

I recently placed a 3K pair of speaker cables ( Silver Cables ) into my system on loan that sounded very good indeed, then I was lucky enough to audition a pair of Clear Day Cables from Paul before I purchased them.

Upon installation and settling in I could not believe the difference in sound, the Clear Day cables CRUSHED the 3K cable.

I was hearing things in my system I had not heard before, amazing detail, balance, immediacy, and MUSIC they way it was meant be heard.

Paul is an expert in that he was the only cable manufacturer I could call that asked what system I had, speaker sensitivity, topologies etc, try this with others and see what happens.

Paul is not only an expert but he is one of the most professional people I have ever deal with in High-End Audio, you could not ask for a better person to deal with, and I have dealt with many over the years.

Before you go out and buy into the cable marketing hype so prevalent in this hobby today I would strongly suggest that you call Paul and buy his cables, you will not be disappointed.

My highest recommendation!!

Jim Onorato 1/11/14

3) Hello Paul,
Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your cabling. I recently purchased a Decware Super Zen with a full 2 wpc tube integrated and paired it with my Tekton Lores and a front end consisting of a Wyred4sound DAC1 joined together by your cables.

WOW, Paul I am playing in this hoppy for better than 35 years and don't see how it can get much better, it is purely magical and your cables are playing a major role in the performance. Who would ever think it, 2 watts!!! The only thing left to ponder is my RCA interconnect, Can you offer any suggestions?

Anyway, on a more important note I hope that all is well with you and your business, Lord knows that you are providing a valuable service by bringing honest Joy to your brothers and sisters and may God Bless you (which he already has).

Peter Casalino, 6/14/15
Thank you.